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MBRS Annual Open Garden Rose Tour - July 2009
July 26, 2009

If you stayed away last month because of the weather, there was no excuse this month—the weather was perfect.

The first of the two garden featured belonged to Janey Leonardich, and her devotion to roses is unmistakeable. Every rose bush was in bloom, free of disease and pests! Some changes from the last time we toured her garden a few years back included chicken wire to enclose her rose beds. Rabbits might be cute but not the damage they can inflict. Also added was a new garden shed from which she piped music for our dining pleasure. Adriana Leonardich donned an apron and flipped burgers, and numerous delectable salads from various members rounded out our lunch. Thank you to the Leonardich family!

The second garden on tour was the introduction to our members of the freshly renovated MBRS Rose Garden. The garden will officially open to the public in September at the Santa Cruz County Fair. Thanks to our many hardworking members, but especially to Jim and Judy Sauvé, the garden has been repiped with emitters, diseased plants removed, new roses planted and the entire garden composted thanks to the generous donation of Vision Recycling. Members can visit at any time or even deadhead roses when time permits by entering through the horse show gate.

For pictures of the two gardens visited, click here: photos.