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Monterey Bay Rose Society's
34rd Annual Rose Show
May 3, 2014

The annual rose show for the Monterey Bay Rose Society was moved up a week early this year because of a conflict with the ARS National Show which takes place in San Diego on the second weekend in May. Working with only two judges this year, we had Joe Ghio to thank for seeing that the judging moved along quickly and smoothly. Remarkably, judging was completed on time with many visitors champing at the bit to be allowed into the exhibition tent.

2014 Queen of Show was a perfectly formed, apricot-colored hybrid tea, Brandy, won by Marjorie Callahan. She also won King of Show with a pristine Lynn Anderson, which seems to win regularly at our show—but so does Marge! Princess of Show went to Joe Ghio with a brilliant yellow Henry Fonda. Best in Show went to Karl Dost with a breathtaking Grandiflora spray, Wild Blue Yonder. Floribunda Queen of Show was won by Teresa Engel with her exquisite Lavaglut, while Floribunda King of Show was Karl Dost's Eye Paint. Joe Ghio's lovely Wild West was named Floribunda Princess of Show. Mini Queen was Grace Amazing, entered by Karl Dost. Mini King was Marjorie Callahan's Bees Knees, and Mini Princess was Karl Dost's Alysheba. Congratulation to all the winners! See below for a complete list of all the winners.

A big thank you to Joe Ghio for herding the judges through their assignments; and to Judy and Jim Sauvé who once again put together a silent auction table to raffle off prizes as a fundraiser for the club. And thanks to all the club members who acted as runners, clerks and docents throughout the show.

Corralitos Meat Market's barbecued samples of all their sausages to an appreciative crowd. This year, Gustavo Beyer, owner of Alladin, hired two bands, one for the front of the nursery and a jazz band for the rose connoisseurs at the back of the nursery. Wine tasting along with cheese and nibbles were provided by a local winery and fresh strawberries were available for sale. A mosaic artist had her whimsical wares for sale, and a jewelry maker was also on hand with her lovely bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

The weather was perfect this year, and we want to express our thanks to Gustavo, who graciously opens his nursery to us every year and sees to it that everyone has a good time.

Also special thank you to our hardworking ARS judges: Betty Mott and Martine Ham.

Queen of Show, Brandy, won by
Marjorie Callahan

The Queen and her court: from the left to right—Love, Tomi Edmiston; Peter Mayle, Janey Leonardich; We Salute You, Karl Dost; Grand Dame, Janey Leonardich; King of Show–Lynn Anderson, Marjorie Callahan; Queen of Show–Brandy, Marjorie Callahan; and Princess of Show–Henry Fonda, Joe Ghio.

Floribunda Queen of Show, Lavaglut won by Teresa Engel

Mini Queen–Grace Amazing, Karl Dost; Mini King–Bees Knees, Marjorie Callahan; Mini Princess–Alysheba, Karl Dost;
Court: Pink Petticoat, Marjorie Callahan;
American Rose Centennial, Marjorie Callahan.

Best in Show was a stunning Grandiflora spray named
Wild Blue Yonder, won by Karl Dost

After a harried morning, these folks were still smiling! Joe Ghio, taskmaster, and judges, Martine Ham and Betty Mott.

To see show photo album, click here:
More 2014Photos

Thank you, Janey Leonardich, for stepping in and taking over the tabulation work!

ARS judges: Betty Mott and Martine Ham

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best in Show Kark Dost Wild Blue Yonder

Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Queen of Show (Gold) Marjorie Callahan Brandy
King of Show (Silver) Marjorie Callahan Lynn Anderson
Princess of Show (Bronze) Joe Ghio Henry Fonda
Court of Etiquette Tomiko Edmiston Love
Court of Etiquette Janey Leonardich Grand Dame
Court of Etiquette Karl Dost We Salute You
Court of Etiquette Janey Leonardich Peter Mayle
Best HT Spray Joe Ghio Modern Art
Best GF Spray Karl Dost Wild Blue Yonder
Best Fully Open HT/GF John Mahoney Wild Blue Yonder


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Queen Teresa Engel Lavaglut
King Karl Dost Eye Paint
Princess Joe Ghio Wild West
Court Joe Ghio Eureka
Court Teresa Engel Nicole
Court Joe Ghio Blue Lagoon
Court Marjorie Callahan Bill Warriner
Best FL Spray Teresa Engel Lavaglut
One-Bloom per stem Janey Leonardich Tuscan Sun


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Queen Mini Karl Dost Grace Amazing
King Mini Marjorie Callahan Bees Knees
Princess Mini Karl Dost Alysheba
Royal Court Marjorie Callahan Pink Petticoat
Royal Court Marjorie Callahan American Rose Centennial
Best MBRS Mini Karl Dost Grace Amazing
Best Mini Spray Karl Dost Jeanne Lajoie
Best Mini Single or
Karl Dost Gizmo
Best Mini Open Bloom Marjorie Callahan Rise ‘N’ Shine


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Queen Mini-Flora None entered  
King Mini-Flora None entered  
Princess Mini-Flora None entered  
Best Open Bloom Karl Dost Powerhouse
Best Mini-Flora Spray Karl Dost Robin Alonso

Old Garden Roses

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Dowager Queen Teresa Engel Rose Du Roi
Victorian Queen Karl Dost Rose De Rescht


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best Polyantha Karl Dost Excellenz Von Schubert


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best Classic Shrub Karl Dost Phil's Himalayan Music
Best Modern Shrub Jim & Judy Sauvé Route 66


Best LCL (Large Flowered Climber) Joe Ghio Rosarium Uetersen


Best Seedling/Sport None entered  

Novice or Junior

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best Hybrid Tea or Gr None entered  
Best Floribunda None entered  


Judges Invitational

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best Judge's Entry Betty Mott Seattle Sunrise

Challenge Classes

Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Hi-Lo None awarded  
Miniature English Box None awarded  
Miniature Rose in a Bowl None awarded  
Miniature Rose in a Champagne Glass None awarded  
Largest Single Bloom Karl Dost Red Masterpiece
Large Bloom in a Bowl Teresa Engel Perfect Moment
Most Fragrant Karl Dost Gertrude Jekyll


Award Exhibitor Name of Rose
Best Modern Arrangement None awarded  

Best MBRS Oriental Arrangement

Tomiko Edmiston Gemini

Special Awards

Antonelli Cup Award
Perpetual trophy presented to a society other than MBRS whose members participating in this show accumulate the most points.
Santa Clara County Rose Society


Sweepstakes Award
Perpetual trophy presented to an exhibitor who accumulates the most points, based on the same scoring system used for the Antonelli Cup
Karl Dost - 430 points

Point system for Antonelli and Sweepstakes Awards:
ARS Gold Certificate: 10 points
ARS Silver Certificate: 8 points
ARS Bronze Certificate: 6 points
First Place Ribbon: 5 points
Second Place Ribbon: 3 points
Third Place Ribbon: 1 point

Note: Data for number of roses entered
will be completed when available.

Certificate Points
Total Points
Karl Dost
Joe Ghio

Marjorie Callahan

Teresa Engel
Janey Leonardich

John Mahoney


Jim & Judy Sauvé

Shari Driscoll
Tomiko Edmiston
Rosie Bethel
Cathy Davey
Betty Mott
Martine Ham

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