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Welcome to the Monterey Bay Rose Society's web site.

The Monterey Bay Rose Society was founded in 1980 and now has approximately +/– 50 members.

The MBRS presents monthly meetings with interesting programs, publishes a monthly digital newsletter with tips and tricks for growing better roses in our area, plans visits to rose gardens and nurseries, and sponsors an annual rose show in the spring.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month except June, July, November and December. Please Note: Meetings are held at the Aptos Public Library at 7695 Soquel Drive, Aptos or in Salinas when announced. Our south Salinas location is at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 1070 Pajaro Street, Salinas, where we will meet when scheduled. For directions to St. Paul's Episcopal Church, follow the link at: www.stpauls-salinas.org/

February Meeting • February 22, 2018, Thursday, 7:00 p.m.
Location: Aptos Public Library
7695 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA
Program: Fertilizers–What, When & How to Apply.

Meeting Notes & Photos from January 25, 2018

Club President Otto Lund welcoming
"long-time no-see" Tom Karwin.

Otto conducting club business.

Otto presenting Marge Callahan with the Bronze Honor Medal.

Joe Ghio giving his annual pruning tips.

Otto nibbling on Joe Truskot's delectable cookies.

Don't forget... Jan./Feb. Pruning Seminars have begun!
Click on Schedule of Events for the lineup.

San L0renzo Pruning Seminar, January 27, 2018
Presentation by Joe Truskot

Excellent turnout for the clinic at San Lorenzo Garden Center
January 27, 2018

Alladin Pruning Seminar, January 20, 2018
Presented by Joe Truskot, Janey Leonardich and Brenda Wood

Photos: Alladin2018

Unpruned MBRS Display Garden on January 13, 2018,
before members started the annual cleanup.

Thank you to all the members who came out on Saturday and Sunday to prune, rake and clean the display garden.

Click here to see members hard at work: Fairgrounds2018

Check this out:
Now that Master Rosarian Joe Truskot has retired from the Salinas Californian, you can continue to follow his writings in his garden blog at http://enterprises.joetruskot.com/
As a master rosarian, former newsletter editor for MBRS and a highly experienced rose gardener, you'll find his blog both entertaining and educational. He is also author of the Central Coast Rose Manual, a must-have book if you want to grow roses successfully in the Central Coast area.

A wonderful Christmas Potluck Dinner
was held at Janey's on December 3, 2017
Another sumptious potluck is under our belts, thanks to our incredible gourmet cooks. We're sorry for those who couldn't make it—the food selection was wonderful! A special thank you to Otto & Joyce Lund for the turkey and, of course, to Janey Leonardich for the ham and the venue, which is always decked out in the most creative fashion. Every nook and cranny, from the window sills to the lighting fixtures, were hung with delightful christmas decor.

For photos from the party: Xmas2017

(was held in lieu of our regular meeting)

Koi in Otto & Joyce's pond. Photo by Paul McCollum

Otto and Joyce Lund opened their lovely home to the MBRS club for our end of summer potluck/meeting on Saturday, August 30, 2017. Their palatial home sits on a hillside in Prunedale surrounded by native coastal oaks. We were greeted by an assortment of cats and turkeys as well as goldfish and humongous koi, the largest measuring at least 30 inches...maybe more. Inside the home was a treasure trove of antiques, paintings, and quilts—Joyce is a master quilter.

Otto treated us to his delectable garlic, artichoke, chicken and wild boar sausages—absolutely delicious. We can always count on our members to fill out the rest of the menu with wonderful dishes, and I doubt anyone went home hungry. Thank you, Otto and Joyce, for your hospitality. And thank you, Paul for sharing your photos.

Lund Potluck Photos
(The photos up to the large koi were taken by Paul McCollum;
the remainder were by Tomi Edmiston)

The latest issue of American Rose has complete information on how to complete your reviews. If you are a Consulting or Master Rosarian, you are required to complete the review. If you do not grow any of the roses listed, you can check the section stating that you do not grow any of the roses listed. The last day to submit your review is September 26th.

See Schedule of Events for information on the Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Fall Conference Announcement.

2017 MBRS Rose Show

The 37th Annual MBRS Rose Show has come and gone and what a successful show it was. Held at Alladin Nursery in Watsonville on May 6, 2017, we have Gustavo Beyer, owner of Alladin, to thank providing such a beautiful venue. An excellent band provided entertainment, free wine tasting and BBQ sausages with fruit, chips and salsa filled our tummies and a jewelry vendor was also on hand.

Although rain and wind were predicted in the afternoon, we escaped without a single vase being toppled over. Janey Leonardich, Show Chairperson, along with Jim & Judy Sauvé produced an excellent show while Joe Ghio skillfully directed the judges. Also thanks to committee members: Marjorie Callahan, Cathy Davey, Tomiko Edmiston, Teresa Engel, Otto Lund, John Mahoney, Joe Truskot and Brenda Wood, for helping with the raffle, clerking, answering rose questions, and assisting in the cleanup.

This year's judges were Duane Carlson, Melody Carlson and Michael Braun.
Thank you, judges, for your excellent judging skills

The Queen of Show (top second from left) went to Sandee Kolter with an incredible pink rose: All My Loving; King of Show was won by Joe Ghio with Loving Memories (top third from left); and Princess of Show went to Joe Truskot with American Honor (top left). Court winners were Joe Ghio with Tournament of Roses, Mt. Hood, and Hotel California; Brenda Wood with Peace; and Sandee Kolter with Hot Princess.

Floribunda Queen of Show was won by Wild West presented by Joe Ghio, who also won Fl. King with Satchmo and Fl. Princess with Drop Dead Red, all red stunners. The Floribunda Court winners were all grown and presented by Joe Ghio: Betty Boop, Cinco de Mayo, Kimberlina, and Topsy Turvy. Joe certainly has the magic touch!

Best in Show was a show stopper Floribunda Spray, Lavaglut,
grown and shown by Sandee Kolter. Congratulations, Sandee!

For final list of winners, click here: Final Results
For show points tally sheet, click here: Final Points Earned

Photos above by Janey Leonardich

For more show photos by Tomi Edmiston, click here: 2017 Rose Show

Be sure to check our Schedule of Events for upcoming rose and gardening related events.


Meeting Notes from March 30, 2017

Otto Lund opened the meeting for questions and discussions with our master rosarians. Joe Ghio had an interesting problem in his garden that he has never seen before in his potted minis. When they showed distress, he unpotted them and found a white fungal disease. The conclusion was the problem was created by our unusually wet and warm weather with the possibility of contaminated soil.


Otto then presented an excellent slide show created with Jim Turner on new rose introductions for 2017. The photos enabled us to see whether a rose would be viable for our growing conditions depending on petal count, potential size and heat requirements.

Members perusing the 2017 rose list, which listed breeders.

Sherry and Judy

Brenda and Cathy


Thank you, Otto, for a very informative presentation.


Pruning Tips from Master Rosarian Joe Truskot

Guiding Rose Growth: A snip and tuck program for your rose garden

The time between the end of rose pruning and the start of a regular feeding program is short but important to the quality of your blooms and the appearance of your garden. You can end up with much better looking rose bushes and better formed flowers if you head out to your garden and give the sprouting rose canes on hybrid teas and floribundas a good once-over.

As you know, pruning has three important goals: allowing your rose to rest; clearing out the dead, dying, ought-to-be-dying, cross-overs and congested canes and old leaves; and allowing some sunshine to hit the bud union on grafted roses. Light and food will help produce basal breaks which are the rose’s hope for the future.

Although the number of growing bud eyes will vary from rose to rose, you can bet money on most cultivars producing either multiple shoots from the same location or a strong shoot heading in the wrong direction. Sometimes too, the rose has decided to send its love and energy to a shoot about half way down from the top of a pruned cane and seemingly ostracizing that top bud eye selected during the pruning process to be the start of your next Queen of Show.

On this hybrid tea rose, remove all but the strongest shoot heading in the right direction.

Go out now and guide your rose to growing where you want it to. As its principal guardian, you have all the consent necessary to perform corrective surgery. It’s easiest to do that before the shoots harden and get too long. You don’t want to knock off the best shoots while trying to get to the offending ones so finger prune when they are still tiny.

If one section has produced two or three sprouts, push the weaker ones off with your finger allowing only the one heading toward the open sky to develop. I’d also recommend eliminating entirely any shoots growing on the bottom 12 to 15 inches of the cane. Good air circulation down there with nothing to catch diseased leaves promotes a healthy garden.

On this climbing tea rose, leave only one shoot at each bud eye and remove the weaker end shoot.

A few adjustments now will keep the really beautiful flowers growing on the top of the bush where admirers can see them and praise your gardening skills.

Joe Truskot is a master rosarian and the 2016 consulting rosarian of the year for the NCNH District of the American Rose Society. He lives in Salinas where he has grown more than 500 varieties since he started his garden in 1993. He is an editor at The Salinas Californian, the state’s oldest continuously publishing newspaper.

Photo credits: Joe Truskot/Salinas Californian



Final Pruning Seminar at Alladin Nursery, Watsonville

This was the final pruning seminar for 2017 held at Alladin Nursery on 2-25-2017, and conducted by Joe Truskot, Master Consulting Rosarian and assisted by Janey Leonardich, Master Consulting Rosarian & Secretary of MBRS. If you are looking for an excellent book to help you with rose care month by month, Joe Truskot has published an invaluable book called: “Central Coast Rose Manual,” which is now in its second printing, is available at Alladin's for $39.95 or by contacting Joe at (831) 449-7313 or at jtruskot@comcast.net. The book is a “must-have” if you want to grow roses successfully on our central coast.

For more photos from Alladin's Seminar, click here: Alladin2-2017



Pruning Seminar at McShanes Nursery in Salinas

Jim Sauvé, Consulting Rosarian together with Otto Lund, MBRS President & Master Rosarian, teamed up to present a pruning seminar for a small but enthusiastic audience in the shelter of the produce building. Jim and Otto fielded lots good questions, and at the conclusion, Jim gave a tool sharpening demonstration which was greatly appreciated. McShane's Nursery currently has a huge selection of roses potted up for immediate planting.

For more photos from McShane's Seminar, click here: McShane's 2017


Pruning Seminar at Bokay Nursery in Salinas

Jim Sauvé and Joe Truskot opened the pruning seminar under shelter in the lovely courtyard of Bokay Nursery on 2/4/17. Rosarians Otto Lund, Janey Leonardich, Marge Callahan and Brenda Wood, with her gopher trapping expertise, were also on hand to assist and answer questions. Thank you, Bokay, for the lovely refreshments and hospitality. If you're looking for some new roses, Bokay has a large collection of Star Roses as well as Weeks Roses, all healthy, potted up and ready to plant.

For more photos from Bokay's Seminar, click here: Bokay2017



Meeting Notes from January 26, 2017 - Joe Ghio presented his no nonsense pruning tips, and every time he shares his secrets, we always learn more. Because he has hundreds of roses, both at his home and ranch, he showed us what happens to his gloves, decimated in only one season. Thank you, Joe, for your always delightful pruning tips and stories.

Janey opened the meeting and shared club business. She reported that some of the local nurseries are offering discounts to MBRS members and she will be making up membership cards for all members with the discounts listed on the back.

Judy showed she means business when using her "Sawzall" or reciprocating saw! No rose bush can intimidate her!

Joe and his good gloves...or what still remains of them.

Even Joe was amazed that these gloves are relatively intact.

Otto lending a helping hand on Iceberg.

Joe went easy on this shrub.
Not much left but you should have seen the others!

This climber got a delicate pruning.



Pruning Seminar at Alladin Nursery in Watsonville

Jim Sauvé and Joe Truskot opened the pruning seminar at Alladin Nursery on 1/28/17. Unfortunately, Joe had caught a cold and was on the verge of losing his voice so he called on Jim Sauvé and Janey Leonardich for assistance. Brenda Wood closed out the class with her gopher catching tips. Alladin Nursery currently has an excellent selection of tree roses for sale, plenty of bareroot fruit trees, garden art and a wonderful gift shop with unique and seasonal treasures. Stop by; you won't be disappointed. For more pictures, click here: AlladinPruning


Pruning Seminar at the San Lorenzo Garden Center in Santa Cruz on January 21, 2017, led by Master Rosarian Joe Truskot, shown above. He was ably assisted by our other MBRS Rosarians: Otto Lund, who shared his knowledge on the use of fertilizers; Jim Sauvé on sharpening pruning tools; Brenda Wood on trapping gophers and the use of her trusty Hori Hori knife, Macabi traps and her method of setting and placing them in gopher tunnels; and Janey Leonardich on her unique method of deer control using fishing lines set at various levels around her rose garden.

Thank you to San Lorenzo Garden Center for constructing a lovely covered pavilion so we were sheltered from the showers that came through during the seminar and for the hot coffee.

To see additional photos taken at the San Lorenzo Garden Center,
click here: SanLorenzoPruning2017


Joe Truskot explaining pruning techniques on Saturday, January 14, 2017, at the MBRS Display Garden in the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. We had a very good turnout of approximately 14 enthusiastic learners. Thank you to the MBRS members who turned out to prune almost all the roses. We were fortunate to have full two days of rainfree weather.

To see additional photos from the Pruning Seminar held at the MBRS Display Garden in the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, click here: FairgroundsPruning2017

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